Hello, My Name Is Robin St. Louis

I am a Mental Toughness Training Consultant

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 How To Make Yourself Virtually
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 How To Make Yourself
IMMUNE To Bullying


 Table of Contents

 Read This Page First

 What Causes Your Anxiety?

 Solution To Your Anxiety

 Why This Works So Well

 Course Procedure

 Practice Exercises

 Frequently Asked Questions

 Course Requirements

 Course Layout & Structure
 Module 1
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 Module 2
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 Course Help Guide

 Helpful Resources For YOU

 My Mission For This Course

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I have recently written some very powerful training courses that are intended to dramatically improve the lives of teenage girls (and boys).
Even though my courses are targeted specifically toward improving the lives of girls, ANYONE can still use them (some of the topics may not apply to everyone).

                                   ALL of my courses are 100% FREE!!
   There is currently NO CHARGE for you, and your entire team, to use my courses for as long as you want!*

                                       My first training course is called
"How To Make Your Mental Toughness...AUTOMATIC"

This course was created with the intention of helping female high school athletes to dramatically improve their abilities, and their self confidence. Another intention of this course is to help girls to become better able to compete for the ever-decreasing number of college scholarships!

  These programs also greatly decrease STRESS & ANXIETY!
        So please tell your friends, family, teachers, guidance counselors everybody!

Please check out the Table Of Contents to see the many topics that are covered!

     *This program can also greatly improve your school's band members!
              Please tell your band directors and others about this course.

The exercises in this course can greatly reduce,
or even eliminate:

> Stress in every area of your life
> Performance anxieties
> Nervous jitters
> Worries & self doubts
> Negative thoughts & beliefs
> Struggling self esteem
> Anger & temper tantrums
> Frustrations with yourself
> Loss of mental discipline
> Performance inconsistencies
> Fears & phobias
> Mental blocks & slumps
> Fatigue during the day
> Lack of focus, distractions
> Emotional trauma (most forms)
> Procrastination
> Laziness & dread of exercising


While enhancing your:

> Performance consistency
> Mental clarity & focus
> Feelings of calm confidence
> Positive thoughts & beliefs
> Overall self esteem & self worth

Greatly helps you to:

> Get to sleep faster the night before events
> Perform with a calm sense of inner confidence
> Stay focused - even after you make mistakes
> Gain a strong desire to keep improving


Also trains you to:

> Go into THE ZONE in about a minute
> Relax in highly stressful situations
> Handle trash talk and other intimidation techniques
> Remain focused even after to make a mistake while competing
> Minimize your opponent's home field advantage
> Break unwanted habits, and replace with GOOD habits
> Increase the amount of oxygen you're able to inhale into your lungs
(this improves EVERY area of your performance, exponentially)

Other Cool Benefits:

> Makes positive self-talk a permanent habit throughout your life!

> Greatly reduces mental mistakes during games/competitions!

> Shows you several FAR MORE effective techniques for visualizing!

> Makes being a leader/captain/manager SO MUCH easier for you!

> Helps you feel 60% more confident in just 60 seconds!

> Removes your fear of public speaking!

> Removes your anxiety before and while taking tests & exams!

> Removes your cravings for junk foods & sweets!

> Provides several special drills for removing your stress during high
    pressure situations!

> Gradually reconditions your stressed-out nervous system!

> Once you learn how to do this, you will have it for the rest of your life!

> Increases your overall confidence by clearing up your complexion!


This course also has the power to make ALL other training materials you use considerably MORE effective! It accomplishes this, by clearing out the negative emotional trash, that tends to hold so many athletes back!

I did not write my courses to replace any of the training manuals or other materials you're already using. I have written my training courses, in a manner, that effectively ENHANCES the overall results you gain from using any other self-help training books, audios, videos, programs, courses, lessons, or even private instruction, etc.

Think of this course as a
Makeover For Your Mind!

CLICK HERE to get started

All of my course pages work best when viewed on a laptop or desktop computer,
and are not optimized for use on cell phones.
I did this on purpose, because
people tend to take the time they spend on their
phone less seriously, and will often 'blow off' much of what they find on their phones.
Plus, I want users to TURN THEIR PHONES OFF when using my courses, so they're not distracted.

Since my training course is 100% FREE...
If this course helps you, or your team,
then all I ask in return is:  
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I have written another very special FREE training program that helps bullying victims become
virtually IMMUNE to most forms of bullying, cyberbullying, and negativity, called:

How To Make Yourself Virtually IMMUNE To Bullying...

This program also helps to remove the negative emotional trash that teens tend to deal with.
And then, it systematically rebuilds their SELF ESTEEM, CONFIDENCE, and SELF WORTH!

This Course Helps To Reduce, Or Even Eliminate Your:

> Stress
> Anxiety
> Jealousy
> Resentment
> Grudges
> Guilt
> Shame
> Embarrassment
> Nervousness
> Self Loathing
> Poor Body Image
> Self Hatred
> Self Doubts
> Lack of Confidence
> Poor Self Esteem
> Dread of Exercising
> Daily Pressures
> Fears & Apprehensions

Helps You Handle:

> Being Bullied
> Rejection
> Loneliness

Fears & Phobias
> Dating Anxieties
> Making New Friends
> Isolation & Not Fitting In
> Grief From Suffering A Loss
> Public Speaking
> School Worries
> Anxiety Before & During Tests & Exams
> Peer Pressures
> Negative Looks From Others
> Intimidation & Name Calling
> Cyberbullying On Social Media
> Stressful Situations at School, or Anywhere
> Concerns About Dating
> Fatigue & Sleepiness at School/Work
> Anxiety From Starting High School or College
> Stress of Moving to A New Home or School

Helps You To:

> Lose weight by increasing the amount of oxygen you can inhale!
> Feel 60% more confident in 60 seconds!
> Excel in classes or skills you're struggling with!
> Get to sleep faster, and sleep more relaxed!
> Make positive self-talk a permanent habit throughout your life!
> Make new friends easier!
> Improve every area of your life!
> Feel calm and confident in all future stressful situations!
> Feel stress-free when doing stressful things!

How To Make Yourself Virtually IMMUNE To Bullying...

CLICK HERE To Get Started

All of my course pages work best when viewed on a laptop or desktop computer,
and are not optimized for use on cell phones at this time.


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