Store owners...
...aren't you tired of shoplifters stealing from you?

You've tried everything to stop them...
cameras, mirrors, signs, layout changes, employee training, security guards, etc.

But still, they manage to find new ways to take your merchandise?


But, what if there was a BETTER WAY?

WHAT IF...there was a safe and easy way to effectively change the way
the shoplifters THINK AND FEEL about stealing?

You see, if you really want to keep shoplifters from stealing from you,
then you need to target this complex problem from the OTHER end,
from the shoplifters, themselves!

Think about that...
...if you had the ability to CHANGE THE MINDS of the shoplifters in such a way, that they
would no longer feel any desire to steal from you,
and do it in a manner so they would have no idea anything was happening to them?
Wouldn't that solve your shoplifting problems?


But how does that work?

Well, think for a moment, has there ever been a time when you felt excited about something, and then you became distracted by something else, but then you weren't nearly as excited about the original thought as you were before?

That is what happens when you INTERRUPT one thought process with another thought. This is also precisely what Backward 8 does to the thought processes of effectively interrupts the shoplifter's thought process while they are thinking about stealing from you.

Just play this specially designed audio program in your store during operating hours, and the powerful messages that are layered beneath the waterfall sounds, will instantly SWITCH OFF the shoplifter's urge to steal!

Therefore, you can literally change how shoplifter's think and feel about stealing from you!

It utilizes the same instant subliminal hypnosis therapy that is used to
cure kleptomaniacs of their intense urges to steal.


Get the Facts About Shoplifting:

FACT: Literally 1 out of every 10 of your customers is a habitual shoplifter or kleptomaniac!

FACT: Most shoplifters start stealing impulsively in their teens, and continue as compulsive shoplifters all their lives.

FACT: Shoplifting is a strong compulsion. Chronic compulsive shoplifters feel an overwhelming urge to steal.

FACT: Most shoplifters don't even want to do it, but they have a powerful urge to steal that they NEED to satisfy!

FACT: Many shoplifters feel a strong RUSH or HIGH feeling leading up to, and after stealing! But it doesn't last long before they need to steal again.

FACT: Many severely addicted habitual shoplifters have tremendous difficulty sleeping, because their urges to steal are so strong (it is similar to a drug addiction). Often, they will either suppress their compulsions with alcohol or drugs, or they may even find a 24 hour store or mini mart to steal from, in order to satisfy their all-consuming urges to steal!

FACT: Many shoplifters steal items they don't even want or need. They'll often take clothes that aren't even in their own size or gender.

FACT: Some shoplifters will make it their GOAL to 'fill up their vehicle' with stolen goods, before they are finished for the day.

FACT: Kleptomania is an actual illness, but very few shoplifters are considered kleptomaniacs (only 5%).
The clinical definition of a kleptomaniac is a person who often steals without forethought, regardless of his or her need for the object.

Whereas, a compulsive shoplifter is considered more strategic, more calculating, more aware of what he or she is doing, and may even plan ahead of time what to take. That intense urge to steal between kleptomaniacs and shoplifters is still basically the same.

FACT: Most shoplifters do not know why they do it. It's an overwhelming compulsion. Many shoplifters come from well-off upper middle class families. Anybody can become a compulsive shoplifter, and age is NOT a factor, from children to the elderly!

FACT: Most shoplifters do not know why they do it, and may WANT to stop, but can't. They feel as though they have an illness, and need help with it.
However, medications are mostly ineffective for curbing shoplifting.

FACT: Despite all the measures retail stores are taking, shoplifters are more determined that ever to steal from you!

FACT: The vast majority of shoplifters tend to be highly susceptible to unconscious suggestions. And THAT is precisely why Backward 8 is so effective at curbing their urges to steal.



In modern psychology, there exists a technique that is becoming more and more prevalent among psychotherapists. This simple technique acts to INTERRUPT the neuro-electrical signals (synopses) that are traveling through the neuro-pathways in a person's brain.

Then, when combined with the astonishingly fast results gained through rapid subliminal-hypnosis, the effects are undeniable!

This utilizes a variation of a popular technique used by several militaries around the world to reduce stress and change bad habits.


> Effectively reduces shoplifter's urges and desires to steal from you.

> Also reduces the desire of your employees to steal from you.

Allows you to remove other anti-theft devices and signage.

Saves you money from not needing to hire security guards!

Soft water sound eases stress & tension in the workplace.

> Decreased tension also lowers blood pressure.

> Improves sleep and relaxation among your employees.

> Creates happier employees (and customers).

> Happier employees also tend to eat LESS JUNK FOOD!

> Increases focus among your employees.

> Can even reduce fatigue in the workplace.

> Greatly improves productivity in the workplace.

Reduced stress greatly improves employee's overall health.

> It makes your customers WANT to return, and tell others about you!


Frequently Asked Questions

But won't this affect my regular shoppers?
Only if your customers intend to steal from you.

Is it legal to use this type of audio program in my retail establishment?
Yes, as long as you place a small notice on your door, stating that these anti-theft audio programs are in use.

How do I use this in my store?
You simply play it quietly through your ceiling or stereo speakers.

What if my store doesn't have speakers in the ceiling?
Then, you can use a bookshelf type stereo system.
As long as the sound carries throughout your retail space, it is working.

Does this program tell you what you should be thinking?
No. This audio program ONLY includes the messages necessary to instantly switch off a shoplifter's thoughts and feelings regarding theft.

How long before this audio takes effect on the would be shoplifters?
In most cases, the results are nearly instantaneous.

Will this program work on ALL shoplifters?
No. Those who are stealing FOR A SPECIFIC PURPOSE, (i.e. a mother who is stealing desperately needed baby formula/food or diapers for their child) are well motivated to help their loved ones. But only about 5% of shoplifters fall into this category.

Does it matter which gender is shoplifting?
No. It doesn't make any difference which gender is doing the stealing.
The Backward 8 program is just as effective on everybody.

What will happen if I discontinue using this audio program in my place of business?
Those shoplifters who have not yet been exposed to the program, may likely steal from you.

Are there any other types of messages recorded on this audio program?
No. The only messages that are encoded within this recording are those that include the thought-process interruption triggers.

Isn't this considered brain-washing?
No. Since the process used by Backward 8 is known as thought-interruption, and does not attempt to change one's underlying belief structures, it is NOT considered brainwashing. It DOES NOT tell somebody what to think, or how to act. It merely interrupts and weakens the thoughts regarding theft as they are traveling through one's mind.

Can shoplifters and kleptomaniacs use this program to change their own behavior, or can somebody use this to change the behavior of a loved one?
Yes, most definitely.
Many former shoplifters and kleptomaniacs HAVE used Backward 8 to help themselves permanently remove their compulsive urges to steal.



We were very skeptical when we saw this, so we tried testing it on an alternating weekly basis. One week we would use this program, and then skip a week, and use it the next. And to our elation, the Backward 8 audio worked every week that we used it! That was in 2022. Today we use it in every one of our stores!

B. B. Collins
Collinstuff, Inc.

This actually made a difference in our vintage record shop! Except for an occasional loss, our customers and employees have mostly stopped stealing from us. And tensions are also lowered among the staff. No more employee-infighting! Everyone's happier now.

Loving it!

Jack's Vintage Music House

It all sounded pretty far-fetched to us, but we were desperate to curb the huge losses we were incurring each month from those damned shoplifters!
It's been five months of playing this in our stores, and our shoplifting losses have been dropping exponentially, month over month! Backward 8 works!! Thank you!

Jay Cruel Fetishwear

I started using your backward 8 program a year ago to help cut our shoplifting shrinkage!
But never expected to see results this good! It actually works....what else can I say?

Far-Out Fireworks

More to be added as soon.


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