32bit Windows

Your program was installed in your c:\Program Files\SRS-X2 folder

Also in that folder you will find some background sound files that comes with it. You will also see your Manual folder and your messages folder.

64bit Windows

Same as above except you will find the folders in c:\Program Files(x86)\SRS-X2 folder

Learning the interface.


1. Channel 1 thru 3
  Pitch Knob -
Changes the pitch by speeding up or slowing down the file being played.
  Pan Knob -
Moves sound left or right also known as balance.
  Dry Knob -
Volume of file if sending it through the freq generator with no effect applied.
  Wet Knob -
Volume of file after it has went through the freq generator and has effects.

Check boxes
  Loop -
Loops file
  Auto -
(Only on channels 1 and 2) Sends file through the auto level system
  Send -
Send file through the Brain Wave Generator
  Filter -
Filters out unwanted freq's
  Ref 1 and 2 - (Only on channels 3 and 4) Sets that channel as the reference for your autolevel  system.
 Slider - Turns volume up or down

2. Channel 4 can play mp3 and .wav files. You can fill the listbox with many files and they will play one after another.
This channel can also loop.

All channels have their own EQ button which opens it's own equalizer as well as mute buttons.

3. Main EQ / Master Playback Controls

EQ - This equalizer effects all sounds being played. Place a checkmark in it's on / off box to activate it.
Main Volume - Controls overall volume of everything being played.

Main Balance - Controls the right and left balance of everything being played.
Auto Level Cutoff - Main auto level control knob used to set cutoff levels when using auto level.
 Decoder -
This button opens the MP3 to WAV decoder used to convert mp3 files into high quality wav files.
 Encoder -
This button opens the WAV to MP3 encoder used to convert wav files into mp3 files.
 Text 2 Speech - This button opens the text 2 speech recorder.
 Options -
Here you will find options that let you change various things such as meter colors and Brain Wave Generator frequency settings.
 Audio Center -
Hitting this button will open your browser and take you to our online audio center. This is a website for our users to upload download and share audio files. You can find many helpful sound files there.

4. Audio Playback / Record Meters.

5. Visual Display Panel.
You can click on the arrow button to the right of the led display to switch between the following displays.
 Spectrogram -
used to see what frequency you are moving your voice to when making silent subliminal recordings.

6. Bio Rhythm. This section plays sound freqs that stimulate brain waves making the brain more susceptible to subliminal suggestions. You will notice 2 freq settings these can be changed from 10 to 600hz. The difference between the tones should fall within the ranges of 1 to 3 Hz (Delta or sleep state), 3 to 6 Hz (Theta or deep meditative state) or 6 to 12Hz
(Alpha or relaxed alert state). Example freq a 150 freq b 153 for a meditative state. Freq A doesn't matter you can set it to whatever you want the main thing is that the difference between freq a and freq b falls within the ranges above. So another example if i want to make one for an awake state I want Alpha which is a 6 to 12hz difference between freq a and freq b so ill set freq a at 150 and freq be can be 156 to 162. After you make a change you have to hit your "enter" button on your keyboard so the change takes effect. Now that you have it set you can hit stop.

1 to 3 Hz (Delta or sleep state) set freq A 150 freq B 151 to 153
3 to 6 Hz (Theta or deep meditative state) set freq A 150 freq B 153 to 156
6 to 12Hz (Alpha or relaxed alert state) set freq A 150 freq B 156 to 162

7. Main Recording Panel. These controls start and stop your recording. It will also play the recorded file when finished.


Using Background Files

You can only use WAV files in channels 1 thru 3. Channel 4 has a playlist and you can load wav and or mp3 files. You can load up all of your favorite mp3's into the playlist and they will play one after another. These are great for personal use but if you are making professional cd's to sell we suggest you first convert your mp3 to a wav file by using the built in mp3 to wav Decoder.

Something to keep in mind. Wav files are much bigger in file size than mp3 but wav files are better quality. When working with wav files as backgrounds it is a good idea to use short files that you can loop. A short 5 second file of rain can be looped and will sound like it raining for hours. This will keep your file sizes small and save you space on your hard drive.

When working with files from CDs you will first need to use a CD extractor software to extract the songs from the CD and save them as wav files. Once you have them in your computer as wav files you can load them into the recorder. You can find many free CD extractors in any search engine.

You can also find background files in our online audio center by simply clicking the button in the recorder.

The Internet is HUGE so you can always find some great background sounds by searching around for "free wav files" or "free wav loops". You can also record streaming audio from YouTube, Pandora, Spotify ect. It will record anything you have playing on your computer.

Be creative and record your own! Recording the shower for a few seconds makes a great rain sound when looped. The fan is another good one if you like hearing a fan when sleeping.

Recording your voice tracks.

1. Make sure you plug your microphone into the "Mic" input jack in the back of your soundcard.

2. Hit the "Rec Config" Button to set your recording quality. Best setting is default which records at 44.1khz stereo. Leave the buffer settings as is unless you experiance skipping if so you can raise your buffers. Input gain setting should be left as default unless you need to raise the recording input level or lower it we suggest you leave this as is until you get used to the recorder. Once set you can close this window by hitting the "OK" button.

3. Next hit the "Prepair" button. This will open a window asking you to name your file that you will be recording. Type a name for the file then hit "Save". The window will close and you will see the recorder now says "Recorder Ready" it will also start your meter monitoring the recording input.

4. Next open your Windows Sound Settings and set your recording device to Microphone. Note you select Microphone if recording your voice and select Stereo Mix when recording your mixes.

5. Start speaking into the mic and you should see your meter moving. You can then adjust the mic slider in the windows record control mixer to set your recording level. You will want to set your loudest sound to just start to light up the red leds in the meter. You want optimum levels without keeping it in the red. If it goes into the red is will sound crankily and distorted. If it is to low then it will introduce to much hissing noise. You can play around with the levels until you find the best level for your system.

6. Once you have good levels set hit the record button to start recording.

7. Speak in a clear voice. Have a list of your affirmations in front of you and say each one with a 5 to 10 second pause in-between. Below you will find a list of affirmations you can use. You can also see these by hitting the "help" button in the recorder.

8. After you have recorded your affirmations hit the bottom stop button. Then you can hit the play button to hear it back. If you like it then your all set if not you can simply hit "Prepare" and start over.

Here are the messages you can use in your recordings you can also use these as templates to make up your own :

Note : If you do not have a microphone you can use the text 2 speech recorder so you can record the computer voice that will speak any text you enter. For more info hit the "Text 2 Speech" link on the left.

I am happy
People like me
I am a nice person
I am important
I make a difference to the world
I am motivated
I like my work
I am succeeding
I am positive
I am confident
I manage my money well
I am a responsible person
I am in control of my life
I am doing more of the things I enjoy
I am achieving my goals
People make me happy

---Personal Development
I am better at what I do
I am achieving what I want to achieve
I am fulfilling my needs
I am a better person
I am always improving
I am a more all-round person
My character is improving
I am more mature
I am aware of my needs
I am happier

I am motivated
I am doing what needs to be done
I am achieving my goals
I like achieving my goals
I am working towards my goals
I feel passionately that I must do my work
My goals are very important to me
I am happy achieving my goals

---Increased assertiveness
I make my opinions known
My opinions are worthwhile
I make a valuable contribution
I am important
My views are important
People listen to me
People want to hear me
I am changing my life
I am taking charge of my life
I react well with bullies
I expect people to be kind to me
I deserve to be treated well
I demand to be treated well
I demand respect
I do what I want to do
I let do only those things I like

I am happy being wealthy
I am good at creating wealth
I handle my money with care
I understand the value of money
I am successful in making money
Money is my friend
I enjoy making money
I like creating wealth
I am comfortable in owning money
I am valuable to the world
People pay me well
I am rich

---Slimming Sensibly
I am becoming slimmer
I am energetic
My health is important
I can achieve a balanced lifestyle
I like to exercise
I exercise often
I am reaching my ideal weight
I like eating healthy food
Sour food is more interesting
I like sour food
I look good
I respect my body
Other people respect me
I am achieving a healthy weight

---Stopping smoking
I need to become a nonsmoker
Being a non-smoker is good
Being a non-smoker is good for my health
Being a non-smoker is more sociable
I want to be a non-smoker
I am becoming more healthy
I hate the smell of smoke
I hate the taste of smoke
I look better

I am a winner
I enjoy winning
Winning makes me feel great
I am successful
I am good at what I do
I am always improving
I am increasingly successful
I am happy being successful
I am a success
I am completing my tasks well
I compete successfully
I am a high achiever
I get the results I want
I win against the odds
Victory is mine

I am young
I look young
I feel young
I feel great
I am full of energy
I love the way I look
I sparkle with vitality
I am a dynamic person
I feel young and powerful
I am living to the full

---Attracting a mate
I am attractive
I am a lovable human being
People see the light within me
I see the light within other people
People are drawn to me
I am warm and caring towards others
I make friends easily
I am attracted to caring people
I am confident when approaching potential lovers
People see me as a lover
I give out unconditional love

I can justify what I do
I am right
I am confident
I am excited about doing new things
I enjoy challenges
I am a brave person
I am interesting
People like me
I have lots of friends
I am good at what I do

I am happy
I love myself
I am a good person
I like spending time with myself
I work towards my happiness
I respect myself
My feelings are healthy
My life is important
Life is great
I experience joy every day
I am happy with the world

I am getting quicker
My thoughts are quick
I can think and act quickly
My reactions are getting better
I am learning to be quicker

I can concentrate easily
I can concentrate for a long time
I can maintain concentration
My concentration is improving
I can hold an idea in my head for a long time
I can handle many ideas at the same time
I am focused
I find it hard to be distracted
I can think clearly

I am calm
I am not under pressure
I am succeeding
I am relaxed
I can think clearly
Everything is under control
I find it easy to relax
I enjoy excitement
Working carefully and methodically is quicker in the end

---Relaxation and calmness
I can relax easily
I find it easy to relax
I enjoy relaxing
I feel calm
Calmness is relaxing
I enjoy spending time relaxing
I am peaceful and relaxed
My mind is calm
My body and mind are calm and relaxed
I am at peace with myself

Success for the group is important
I can delegate well
I can depend on my team members
I like working in a team
I achieve more with a team
Teamwork is fun
I forgive other people's weaknesses
I am good at coordinating people
I accept my role in the group

---Positive expectations
My friends and colleagues appreciate me
People respect me
I am succeeding
I like what I do
I am successful
I am rewarded for my work
I am content
I am happy
I am healthy
My life is exciting

---Stopping procrastination
Do it now
I am confident in my ability to succeed
I am relaxed
I like a challenge
Keep going
I like myself
I will do it now
Start it now
I am good at my job
I want to succeed
Success starts now

---Enhanced love & relationships
I trust my partner
My partner trusts me
I love my partner
My partner loves me
I respect my partner
I can discuss anything with my partner
I have a good relationship
I am in love
I forgive my partner for mistakes
My partner forgives me for my mistakes
I am honest with my partner
My partner is honest with me
I like to talk with my partner

---Improved memory
I do remember names and faces
I do remember facts
I do remember figures
I do spend time trying to remember
I do remember things which are important
I do remember to fulfill my obligations
I do become better at remembering
I am good at remembering
My memory is excellent

---Eye sight improvement
My eye sight is getting better
I can see better
I can focus at all distances
My vision is better than it was
My peripheral vision is getting better
I am less dependent on my glasses
I can see better when I relax
I can see better in the dark
My eyes are improving

---Coping with exams
I can remember everything
I am relaxed
I can concentrate easily
I enjoy studying and passing exams
I can answer all of the questions
I am knowledgeable about my subject
I am prepared for my exams
My mind is a sponge for ideas
I find it easy to learn
I understand everything
I do my best
I enjoy exams

---Dealing with pain
The pain is reducing
I feel fine
My body feels good
I am getting better
I feel healthy
I feel good
My aches are reducing
Pain is insignificant
The pain is unimportant

---Alcohol addiction
I am happy without alcohol
I am relaxed without alcohol
I like being sober
Alcohol is a waste of money
I am happier without alcohol
I can control what I drink
I like soft drinks
Soft drinks are more thirst quenching
I feel better when I drink water
I have more fun when I am sober

---Drug addiction
I am happier without drugs
I can give up drugs easily
I hate taking drugs
I hate drugs
I am in control of my life without drugs
People like me more when I am clean

---Dealing with depression
I am working everything out
I only think helpful thoughts
I am becoming happier
I like myself
Other people like me
Lots of people care about me
I am important
My views are important
Life is better now
I am enjoying myself
I can change my life

---Better skin
My skin is improving
My spots are disappearing
My skin is healthy
My skin is clean and smooth
All my wrinkles are disappearing
My skin looks good
My skin is supple
I like my skin and the way I look
I look good

---Making friends
I am interested in other people
I am a good friend
I enjoy the company of others
I am interesting to others
I enjoy listening to other people
I am fun to be with
I enjoy sharing my thoughts with others
People want to hear what I say
I can make people relax
I ask good questions
I organize events for my friends
I like my friends as they are
I am confident
I like meeting new people
I like myself
I enjoy sharing my feelings with others
People make me happy
I enjoy visiting my friends

---Better driving
I am a good driver
I am aware of other road users
I am relaxed about my test
I am a safe driver
I am relaxed while driving
I am in control of my car
I know the width of my car
I am good at judging distance
I am good at judging speed
I drive at the correct speed
I forgive other people's mistakes
I concentrate easily while driving

---Better performance in sports
I am succeeding
I am getting stronger
I am getting better
I am aware of what I am doing
I am winning
I want to win
I enjoy what I do
I can visualize success
I can train harder
I like to discover the right methods to win
I can concentrate
I enjoy spending time learning the finer points of my sport
My goals are clear and I can achieve them

---Fear of flying
I am peaceful when I think of airplanes
I am relaxed at airports
I enjoy flying
I can relax when flying
Flying is rewarding
Flying is good
I am calm when I think of flying
Flying is peaceful
I like flying and airplanes
Flying is enjoyable

I forgive my parents for their mistakes
I forgive my family
I forgive myself for my mistakes
I forgive myself
I forgive my friends
I forgive the government for its mistakes
I forgive myself for errors of judgments
I forgive my colleagues for their errors of judgment
I forgive my manager


Mixing all files to one final track you can burn to CD or make MP3's.

By this step you should already have a voice track recorded and background files picked out to be used. This example shows how to make a Traditional Subliminal Recording by masking your voice with background sounds or music. If you would like to make advanced recordings please see the menu on the left.

1. Load your voice file into channel 1 by hitting the "File" button in that channel then browse to your file and select it then hit ok.

2. Hit the play button to make sure you hear it playing then hit stop. You might also want to loop this file if it is a small one that you want played over and over.

3. Load in your background tracks. Same as above simply hit the "File" button in each channel you want to use. When you have all files loaded you will want to get the record section ready again by hitting the "Prepare" button and naming your new file. This will also make the recorder say "Recorder Ready". You can now hit the "Play" button so your files start playing.

4. Now before you start mixing your levels it is very important to set your Windows record device to Stereo Mix so your computer knows to record whats playing instead of the microphone. Right click the little speaker in your tray then in win 10 choose sound settings or in win 7 and below select record devices. Once open set your record input to Stereo Mix. Theres many videos on youtube that shows you how to setup your stereo mix if you have any problems. Just go there and search for how to setup stereo mix.

5. Now that you have your meter monitoring the sounds being played you can start to mix the files. First start the background track and turn it up to a good recording level just before the red. Now turn up your voice track so you can hear it then start turning it down until it just goes away. You want that fine line where you just cant seem to tell its there because the background is covering it up. That is where you will want to leave it. To test to make sure the voice is infact still there simply turn down the background track while the voice is still playing you should hear the voice. Then turn the background back up and it will hide the voice again. Now you are ready to record your final file.

6. Hit the record button. The recorder will now be recording everything you are playing. When done hit stop. You can now hit play to hear it back. If it sounds good and you cant hear the voice then you can close the recorder and burn your new file to a CD using the CD burning software that came with your CD burner. Simply burn it as you would any other audio cd.


Brain Wave Generator

This plays sound freqs that stimulate brain waves making the brain more susceptible to subliminal suggestions. You will notice 2 freq settings these can be changed from 10 to 600hz. The difference between the tones should fall within the ranges of 1 to 3 Hz (Delta or sleep state), 3 to 6 Hz (Theta or deep meditative state) or 6 to 12Hz
(Alpha or relaxed alert state). Example freq a 150 freq b 153 for a meditative state. Freq A doesn't matter you can set it to whatever you want the main thing is that the difference between freq a and freq b falls within the ranges above. So another example if i want to make one for an awake state I want Alpha which is a 6 to 12hz difference between freq a and freq b so ill set freq a at 150 and freq be can be 156 to 162. After you make a change you have to hit your "enter" button on your keyboard so the change takes effect. Now that you have it set you can hit stop.

1 to 3 Hz (Delta or sleep state) set freq A 150 freq B 151 to 153
3 to 6 Hz (Theta or deep meditative state) set freq A 150 freq B 153 to 156
6 to 12Hz (Alpha or relaxed alert state) set freq A 150 freq B 156 to 162

Auto Level feature :

The auto level feature is used if you have background music that goes up and down in volume alot. The autolevel can follow the meter on a background channel then turn your voice channel up and down accordingly. If your background goes silent then your voice file will automatically be turned down.

To use this you will load your voice file into channel 1 or 2. The place a checkmark in the "Auto" box in it's channel. Now load your background file into channel 3 or 4. Place a checkmark in the "Ref" box in it's channel. This will tell the recorder that you want your voice to follow the volume of the background channel that you have selected as the Reference.

Next hit the "On" button in the main Autolevel section. Hit "Play" ok now that it is playing you can start turning down the main Autolevel knob which sets the volume cutoff level of your voice. Which means the main autolevel knob sets how high the voice slider can go because you still want to make sure the voice stays hidden. I find it best to manually set my voice level and make a mental note where the slider is then turn on the auto level and set the knob so that the voice slider can move up to where I had set it manually. Once everything is set right you should not hear the voice because the background music covers it up but if you turn down your background music you should see the voice slider turn itself down automatically.

This feature is best used if you have a list of background music in your channel 4 playlist and you want to let them all record without having to sit and turn the voice down every time a song changes.

Final Recording Tips

1. Make sure you are using files that have been recorded of good quality. If you start off with low quality files your final recording will be low quality as well.

2. Add Bio Rhythm to your recordings. Mix the bio rhythm at the same level as you do your voice file so you cant tell its there. This helps the subliminal mind better focus of whats going on behind the scenes.

3. Use auto levels if your background tracks have allot of silent parts that would let the voice bleed through. When setting the auto level first set it manually by hand so you can see how far up it needs to go. Then turn on the auto level and adjust its horizontal cutoff slider so it will not go above where you had it set.

4. Use small wav files and loop them to save hard drive space


Text 2 Speech Recorder

  The Text to Speech recorder is used to record computer spoken text into wav files that you can use in your subliminal recordings. You can load any text file as well as create new ones edit and save current files. These work very well and it is a fast easy way to create your voice tracks.

  Interface Buttons

  Speak - Start the computer speaking the text.
  Stop - Stops computer spoken voice.
  Pause - Pauses the computer voice. This is handy for pausing in-between lines. Example if you want a 10 second pause in-between spoken messages.
Create Wav - Turns your script into a .wav file.
  Clear - Clears text.

How to :

  1. In the lower box on the left click a message file to load. You will then see it loaded in the box on the right.

  2. Once the file is loaded you will see the text in the main window. You can edit the file if needed. You now want to hit the "Speak" button and make sure all the words are clear. Sometimes you will need to spell some words different so that the computer knows how to speak them. You will find that the computer does a pretty good job and you probably wont have to change anything. You can also change the voice speed and voices if you like. You can also add more messages or edit or add your own.

  3. Once satisfied with the sound of the voice you are ready to save it to a .wav file that you can load in the recorder. Just click the "Create Wav" button then a box will open so you can name the file and choose which folder to save it in so you can find it to load in the recorder.


Silent Subliminal Technique

This technique lets you easily make subliminal recordings that use no background sound and when played back you do not hear anything playing.

One of the things that this is good for when compared to using background music is that no matter what sooner or later you get tired of hearing the same background over and over. Wouldn't it be nice to get the messages into your mind without hearing a sound? Well now you can and this really works very well.

So how is it done?

You can archive this by moving your voice to a frequency in the upper portion of human hearing. We don't want to hear it BUT we still want it to vibrate the inner ear so our brain can still decode it. Human ears can hear things up to around 20khz so by moving our voice up to 16.5khz then apply a filter to filter out anything above or below 16.5khz we can end up with a recording that is still playing very load ( proof is by looking at your output meter as it will still be very high ) but you will not hear anything well at least you think your not hearing anything but in fact you really are. Sound interesting?

The quickest way to make a silent subliminal recording

1. Load your voice file into channel 1 and check "Loop"

2. Hit play and turn it up so it peaks just before the red on its channel meter.

Voice in it's normal state.

3. Place a checkmark in "Send" this will send your voice through the Brain Wave Frequency Generator which moves the voice to 16.5khz by default. ( You can change the frequency in the "Option" panel but I suggest you leave it as is until you get the hang of it)

4. Turn the "Dry" volume knob all the way down and turn the "Wet" knob to half way or above. The Dry knob is the volume of your voice in its original state. The Wet knob turns the modulation up which is the voice after it has been run through the Brain Wave Generator. As time goes on you can also play around with these knobs to achieve different effects.

Voice after checkmarking "Send" ( Moves voice to a high frequency but still has bleed over ).

5. Now change your Display panel to "Spectrogram" now you will see your voice has moved up to 16.5khz BUT there is still some sounds getting through that we dont want and we can still hear the voice but its high and scratchy sounding. So next we need to place a checkmark in the "Filter" box and poof now you shouldn't be able to hear it and looking at the Spectrogram we can see that the voice is now a nice fine line at 16.5khz.

Voice after applying "Send" and "Filter"

6. Now that the voice is playing in the 16.5khz range and we have applied our filter we can turn up the slider to make sure the meter is still peaking close to the red which lets us know its still playing very loud.

You can now ready your recorder as described in the Mixing section and record your new silent subliminal recording.

So in a nutshell

Load your voice file, checkmark Loop, Send and Filter. Then turn the Dry knob all the way down and the Wet knob half or above. Then turn the slider up to just before the red. Look at the Spectrogram to see your message at a high freq. Then record it.

You can also use this technique with background music as well and is still very effective.

Something else you can try is to checkmark "Send" turn the "Wet" knob up to around 2:00 then instead of applying the filter just turn down the "Dry" knob until you just cant seem to hear it. This way you will have moved the voice to a high frequency but also added some of the natural low voice as well. This works great when using background music but not as well for Silent subliminals without backgrounds.

Voice with Waterfall background sounds.

Stereo Confusion

Many people have asked about stereo confusion subliminal recording which is merely putting messages in one ear and different messages in the other ear. You can also make these kind of recordings.

Each channel has it's own "Pan" knob which is a balance knob. You can load a voice file in channel 1 then set the "Pan" knob all the way left. Then load another file into channel 2 and set its "Pan" knob all the way right. Now when you play that back you will hear a voice in one ear and a different voice in the other ear. You can then add background music if you want or you can even just keep adding voices in all channels then record them into one file. You could then load that one file in channel 1 and keep adding as many voices as you wish with no limit.


Recording Self Hypnosis Recordings

You can also make very powerful self hypnosis recordings very easy with your new recorder. These type of recordings you want to hear the voice loud and clear with some very soft background music. You can also use the Brain wave generator to produce some very nice effects. You will record your voice in the same way you do when recording a subliminal voice track. But when mixing you do not want to hide the voice. Mix it so its loud and clear then mix in some soft music or anything you want. Add some Theta brain waves then record that into 1 final file.

You can find many free pre written self hypnosis scripts on the Internet. Simply goto your favorite search engine and search for free hypnosis scripts.

Simply pick one out then read it into your microphone and record it or copy and paste the text into the built in Text to Speech recorder and let the computer speak it for you then record it.

These type of recording are best listened to with headphones so the brain wave generator has its greatest effect.

You can also take it a step further by also adding hidden subliminal messages throughout the self hypnosis recording. Youtube is also a great place to find pre recorded scripts. Simply play one and record it.

The sky is the limit.



My Meter will not move (Windows XP thru 7) when recording.
You do not have the correct recording line selected in your windows record control mixer. The meter only monitors the line you have selected to record. Hit the "Select Recording Input" button in the recorder so it opens your windows record control mixer. The with a file playing start selecting each input until you see the meter move. Once it moves you have the correct one selected. If none of them make the meter move then hit "Options" in the top left of the windows record control mixer. Then hit "properties". Now you should see a white box with a list of recording lines that your soundcard has available. Place a checkmark in ALL of them then hit "ok" This will make all of them show up in the windows record control mixer.

Now you should have a line that records everything being played if not you will need to upgrade your soundcard to a more modern card.
When recording voice select microphone. When recording final mix choose main volume, master volume, stereo out or what you hear. It just depends on the soundcard each company names these lines different.

Windows 10:

Right click the little speaker in your tray. Click "Open Sound Settings". Then on the right side of the settings page click the link that says "Sound Control Panel".

Once that is open click the recording tab at the top. You will now see a list of your recording devices. In that list you want to see "Stereo Mix" if you dont right click in the white part of that list box and you shoulod then see a box that says "Show disabled devices" and "Show disconnected devices". Place a checkmark in both then click off the box. Now you should see Stereo Mix in your list. Right click on Stereo Mix and click enable. Then click off the box and click once on Stereo Mix so it is selected then click the "Set Default" button. Now your Stereo Mix is set as your recording device. Click the Properties button then the levels tab at the top andmake sure your level is up half way or so. This level setting may need to be tweeked as you record but once you have it set you wont need to do it again. Now close the settings panel and record your mix.

If you do not have Stereo Mix as an option that usually means when windows was loaded on your computer they used the default windows sound driver instead of the real one that goes on your computer. You will need to goto google do a search for your computer model sound driver. Find your manufacturers website then go there and download the latest sound driver for your computer model. You should then have stereo mix as a record device.

If you still have no stereo mix your last option is install the free VB Cable Driver found here. http://vb-audio.com/Cable you want the download at the top that says VB-Cable Virtual Audio Device.

Once installed you will now see VB-Cable Output as a recording device in your windows record panel select it and set as default. Then select it and click properties. Then click the "Listen" tab at the top. Then checkmark "Listen to this device" then in the dropdown list where it says "Playback thru this device" select your speakers. Click OK. Now click the "Playback" Tab and select VB-Cable Input and click Set as Default.

So in a nutshell anytime you want to record what you hear playing you HAVE to set Stereo Mix as your record device or VB-Cable if you have no Stereo Mix. If you want to record your Microphone you will set Microphone as your default record device.

You can also find alot of videos on youtube that shows you how to enable your Stereo Mix. Just go there and do a search for How to enable Stereo Mix in Windows 10

I cant hear the Bio Rhythm on my laptop
When using a laptop it is best to use a good set of external self powered speakers. The speakers in a laptop can't handle some of the frequencies the bio rhythm puts out. Headphone will also help.

For more information and step by step instructions hit the "Help" buttons in the recorder.